Labrys Digital Days


We are going through the Digital Era where digitalization and transformation in our business lives has never been so fast and dramatic. New technologies and business models are transforming every industry in a breathtaking way. For all corporations there is no doubt that innovation and digital transformation are the key to sustainability and growth.

As a result, technology has entered to marketers world more and according to Gartner, CMOs spend just as the same amount of their budgets to marketing technologies as CIOs. Technology became a great enabler of marketing in the most broad terms. This is the manifestation of marketing, being evolved fundamentally since 60s. Now is the time to show real results. It is time to discover the Marketer’s Share in Digital Transformation.

Digital is more than a keyword for a couple of nerds. So, all business stakeholders must understand the new opportunities in unfolding our ways of doing business in marketing venue with the help of technology and marketing automation. But this is not an easy task within today’s siloed organizations.

This is why, Labrys introduced its new service, “Labrys Digital Days”. Labrys provides a one-day in-house marketing technology spectacle for companies who like to bring all stakeholders into same ground and understand what is available today and what is ahead of us to start changing company-wide customer experience approach as we know it.The content aims to create a bridge between the disconnected ways of understanding anonymous audience behavior and conversion through the customer journey. The program ends with connecting this understanding with actual sales funnels and customer care processes.

Apart from the already tested program, Labrys is ready to develop tailor-made programs for its Clients on marketing transformation and innovation.

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