CX & Digital Marketing Audit

Do you achieve enough?
Can you identify your gaps & do more?

Hard times indeed, but digital experiences & commerce are literally booming.

Well managed Digital Customer Experience (DCX) can change the future of your company especially in today’s new world after COVID-19. Every second, you have a chance to make money; both by creating additional revenue and by reducing your media costs.

And did you know, most organizations achieve only 40% of the returns that are available to them?

Connecting the dots between 100+ metrics can be a quite tricky job. Possible gaps keep you away from reaching to your goals.

And it’s time critical: Today’s performance defines your future.

Identify & Win!

Labrys invites you to a comprehensive CX & Digital Marketing Audit to score yourself & identify your gaps in your Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Strategy.

Together, we will assess your CX & Digital Marketing capabilities over 65 check points and 7 audit pillars in order to define any hidden gaps which might be preventing you from getting the best results. Main pillars of the audit are as follows:

  • Digital Analytics
  • CXTech | AdTech | MarTech
  • Media & Communications Channels
  • Audience & Segmentation
  • Digital Assets
  • Data
  • Competition
Apply now to receive more information to grow your business exponentially.

    Labrys solely keeps the right not ot deliver this service for organizations who refuse to share any required information or access rights or not found eligible.


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