MoEngage: The Complete Solution To Enpower Your Marketing Automation Efforts

MoEngage: The Complete Solution To Enpower Your Marketing Automation Efforts

MoEngageMoEngage is a channel orchestration, marketing automation and a customer engagement platform where AI and insights drive the next best action.

MoEngage is a no-code customer journey orchestration tool, where companies may transform “channel-centric approach” into a “customer-centric” approach on a single platform. Data might be ingested from various online and offline platforms, and a customer-centric journey orchestration program can be designed via drag & drop, regardless of the channel used. Some of the channels that can be orchestrated through the system are as follows:
– Email Campaigns
– SMS Automation
– Mobile Push Notifications
– In-App Communications
– WebPush Notifications
– Web Personalization
– Social Media Sync
– On-site Messaging
– WhatsApp Native
– Content Cards

Hyper-personalization of all engagements
in these channels is another value driven by MoEngage. Whether it is web site personalization & recommendation, or WhatsApp, or social messaging, or traditional digital channels like email, SMS & push, it will enable companies to segment, personalize and measure the results of all engagements that is created within the journeys designed.

MoEngage’s AI-driven actions for predictions, product recommendations, affinity segmentation, RFM models, intelligent path optimization, send-time optimization and A/B testing functionalities will contribute to better journeys, hence much better customer experiences provided by brands.

Insights created within all engagements are tracked via behavior and funnel analysis, intelligent dashboards, user path analysis, etc. All these insights generated fuel next level in customer journey orchestration.

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