Taking Care of Data and the Data Management Platforms

Taking Care of Data and the Data Management Platforms

In the days when we’ve entered the new decade and experienced extraordinary growth in electronic business lines with the effect of a pandemic, one of the most important topics of the institutions within the scope of Marketing Technologies and Architectures is undoubtedly strategies for Data and Data Management.

We have been aware of the importance of data since the early 2000s. Regardless of the industry we are in, we are putting a continuous effort and research to handle the data in the best possible way, also for processing it and benefitting from it as well.

In this road of evolution, different technologies and methodologies have always been with us; but they also have changed and improved along with the process. So, how should we proceed in order to extract real benefits from our efforts in terms for the digital marketing investments?

Today, digital advertising spending occupies a large part in marketing expenses, but the efficiency achieved is not always in proportion to the budgets spent… In order to overcome this problem, we often hear three important discourses about data and advertising spending in the marketing world;

  1. Advertising spending should continue, However,
  2. We have to make sure that these expenditures leave a considerable amount of residue to our database and that this base grows.
  3. We must make sure that the way we own and use this growing data, can contribute to the commercial success of our organization.

In this context, with the transformation of the definition of the data, we now see both Offline / CRM data and the anonymous digital footprint data of the users, at the same importance level. In particular, we intend to be able to integrate these two types of data on a unique user view basis and use the data with a holistic view in all sectors, especially in retail.

DMP technology, namely “Data Management Platforms”, makes a difference specifically in this perspective, in our lives. Following the user movements on all digital channels, including advertising interactions, they enable us to create user audiences based on these movements, as well as the ability to integrate these Anonymous data with real person data thanks to their ability to integrate into CRM databases.

Of course, the phenomenon of technology that is becoming more sophisticated day by day does not promise a world that can instantly deliver value to us as soon as it is invested or established. It is vital to look after, nurture, eliminate possible questions and problems, and finally manage it well, to reveal the targeted business value.

Every institution is obliged to build its own learning curve, especially when investing in and benefiting from marketing technologies. The situation is no different when it comes to special technology like DMP. However, in order to keep the process as short and efficient as possible while building this learning curve, in order to maximize benefits while minimizing risks, walking this path with a business partner whom you can rely on their experience and skills, is perhaps the most important requirement for achieving the targeted success.

Key points that you can expect from your prospect business partner along the way shall be:

  • Consider the realities of your current marketing architecture,
  • Extract your data model,
  • Create a data model to be tracked on DMP,
  • Plan the interaction of DMP with advertising channels and campaigns precisely,
  • Get instant support for questions and problems that may occur in this time-critical operation,
  • Obtain the human resources capacity and skills without the need to search and hire people working on very special profiles.

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