Introducing Labrys CX & Digital Marketing Audit

Introducing Labrys CX & Digital Marketing Audit

Labrys invites you to a fast & reliable CX & Digital Marketing Audit to score yourself, enabling you in your quest for better!

Customer behavior has just changed in a month and nothing will be the same anymore. Customers tried new services, built up here-to-stay habits and all experience is digital now! Hence, it is time to act & plan on marketing transformation initiatives for all brands!

For a limited time and a very few number of corporations, it will be completely FREE!

  • Do you think that marketing shall transform, and you must lead it?
  • Do you feel lonely when you say “marketing”, everyone around understands “advertising”?
  • Are you the leader in your organization to carry everyone on for the “new normal”?
  • Are you curious if there are some gaps in your almost-perfect ways of doing things?
  • Can you oversee and control what’s going on in different pillars, aka walled gardens of digital advertising and marketing?
  • Do you have the essential digital assets in place?
  • Are you low in getting help from technology or do you rely to much on it?
  • What is the definition of data in your organization?
  • Can you track the full journey of a customer from being an anonymous visitor to your web site until he/she becomes a customer and tries to get some information from your call center?

With Labrys CX & Digital Marketing Audit, we will assess your Digital Marketing capabilities over 60 check points and 7 audit pillars in order to define any hidden gaps which might be preventing you from getting the best results. Your organization capabilities and strategies will be assessed in below pillars:

  • Digital Analytics
  • Technology Investments
    • CXTech | AdTech | MarTech
  • Media & Communications Channels
  • Audience & Segmentation
  • Digital Assets
  • Data
  • Competition

Click here and apply now to receive more information on what is needed to conduct our CX & Digital Marketing Audit that will improve your business exponentially.

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