Get Ready For Marketing Transformation

Get Ready For Marketing Transformation

Marketing and customer experience touchpoints has been transforming dramatically in the last couple of decades but when number of digital channels started to increase, most of the industry professionals thought “it was just another channel/method introduced” along with the existing ones to reach out to audiences, and yet, only effort given was “to be in there”, but not actually to drive a holistic conversation and engagement through the customer lifecycles.

Today, path to purchase is not linear anymore. Millions of different interests & micro-segments exist, and consumers live in (micro) moments. Thus, brands have a very limited time/window of opportunity to communicate messages as audiences’ attention is very fragmented due to channel chaos and message bombardment from multiple sources. The challenge for today’s brands is to create an exceptional customer experience to get out of this chaos.

Then, suddenly, “an unseen” driver of change has arrived in recent months, where COVID-19 accelerated all these transformation drivers and efforts in every company who are reluctant (or afraid) to change! In a matter of months, consumer behavior has further been digitized at utmost level, introducing many first-time users or escalated usage of existing digital services and companies started to address these needs in various ways.

It is important to note that this requirement of change is not new, but only stimulated with these “unfortunate motivators”.

Today, marketing and digital transformation efforts are inevitable and must be turned into growth drivers of the company. Metrics should also be set to connect digital activities to these drivers. Customer experience and marketing efforts shall go beyond communicating sales promotions, or brand awareness only, but towards creating more qualified leads for sales teams as well as generating more customer insight while providing meaningful customer journeys to all designated audiences.

With its high-growth trajectory and global presence since 2013, Labrys’ main goal is to drive change in customer experience and marketing practices of companies by combining its diverse expertise in business and technology domains. Connecting customers’ experiences along in awareness, interest, consideration, purchase and post-purchase cycles is a key innovation that Labrys may bring into organizations. There is no single and easy fix for this but rather a connected, data-driven journey must be crafted and expert advice who has experience in AdTech, MarTech and CX technology is needed.

Labrys achieves this goal with a 3-pillar service portfolio: CX Transformation Consultancy Services, Technology Onboarding & Implementation Services, Expert & Strategic Services. Without a decent and agile strategy, it is hard to reach to an outstanding customer experience. One shall know which ways to choose and why, in order to go beyond customer expectations. That’s why Labrys introduces its strategic consultancy services for clients regardless of the technology or services it provides. Once you have the strategic roadmap in place, then it comes to designing a technology roadmap and architecture. Labrys fixed scope offerings help clients in their efforts to implement selected technologies in a fast and predictable fashion. When technology selection and implementation is completed, customer success is achieved with expert and strategic services, which are customer adoption services for the new environment as well as introduction of new business practices to utilize the new technology in place.

Nowadays, marketing professionals do not have the luxury to keep themselves distant from technology, on the contrary, they should be the ones leading CX and marketing technology initiatives in order to add to the bottom-line of their companies. Bridging the gap between brands and technology is key for Labrys. Even though companies might have a good strategy, without a proper execution everything fails. Therefore, teams must be trained for new skillsets. Besides, new roles in marketing teams must be designed to respond to new business needs, as marketing shall transform from owning only the “awareness cycle” into a holistic customer experience design approach where business results are delivered, and marketing operations are at the heart of it. Labrys helps organizations in these pillars with its Strategic Services, both in terms of providing trainings to develop these new skillsets, as well as giving active services on field from digital ads and analytics consultancy to digital journey design, marketing automation operations services and day-to-day help on creating value with these new technologies in order to start developing a connected experience for the customers.

Data is the underlying asset for Labrys to deliver its goals. Today, one of marketing’s most important share in this transformation is to cultivate an understanding of data driven practices through use of CX, marketing and advertising technologies. Creating a data-driven journey from awareness to purchase and post-purchase phases with an integrated approach from advertising technologies to marketing automation and CRM is key for success. Along the path to purchase, it is critical to create well-designed and data-driven engagements, which naturally shall drive positive perceptions towards the brand that turn out to deliver distinguished experiences. Personalizing engagements by using both anonymous and known data is where Labrys may bring in enchanted novelty to the process. Existing targeting, segmentation and creative personalization techniques might be enhanced with new looks and shall be integrated into a unified customer profile view.

Recognized as a Top10 Oracle Solutions Providers 2020 by CIO Applications Europe Magazine, Labrys intends to sweep its services in EMEA region, with offices centrally located in the region in multiple cities, i.e. Dubai and Istanbul, with a recent expansion plan to the Continent. With its multiple awards winning team, Labrys is ready to be your partner in this multiplex marketing transformation journey.

This article was first published in CIO Applications Europe Magazine

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