A Success Story By Labrys Team: Lutrija Bosnia i Herzegovina

A Success Story By Labrys Team: Lutrija Bosnia i Herzegovina


Lutrija has achieved boost in numerous KPI and won a clear ROI of 1000% from their #MarTech investment with Labrys’ strategic services and technology implementation support, achieving a success story.


Lutrija Bosnia i Herzegovina is a lottery & sports betting company. Traditionally, offline outlets (branches) are used by players to watch and play games, as well as socialize. Top management initiated a digital transformation project with a data-first approach in order to increase the online gaming revenues with a customer-centric thinking within 2019 and after meticulous plans are prepared, by the 2nd quarter of 2020, Lutrija invested in the first phase of this plan, i.e., Oracle Marketing Cloud technologies, Oracle Responsys, Oracle DMP and Oracle Maxymiser, in order to kick off this project. With the help of Labrys, their trusted advisor and Oracle Certified Partner, major results have been achieved within 6 months, which is pretty significant.




In order to achieve the business goal, Oracle Responsys and Oracle DMP was implemented and integrated with the backend systems at the first place. During the implementations & integrations, a two-staged media plan and a big-prize draw campaign was created along with a welcome campaign program to run on Oracle Responsys for new registrants.

After the technology was up and running, Labrys Expert & Strategic Services were mobilized to enable and achieve success: Everything started with a targeted media campaign to announce the big-prize draw campaign, inviting contestants to our landing pages. All digital assets (i.e., web site, landing pages, etc.) & all media assets were tagged on sponsored sites as well as programmatic media. Digital footprint data was collected through Oracle DMP and classified according to digital behaviors.

After the initial campaign period, a second, and a more targeted campaign was run on Oracle DMP audiences, which brought better returns. During the campaign period, two distinct data sets were collected: Audiences who have registered for the draw only and audiences who have registered as players as well as the draw contestants.

Audiences who have registered as players were put into a welcome campaign through Oracle Responsys, while audiences who have registered only for the draw got into a program where they are invited to be a registered player and benefits were provided in order to create new conversions from the draw as well.

With the help of Labrys Strategic & Expert Services, apart from Oracle Marketing Cloud technologies, digital media planning along with local site partnerships were also prepared. Use cases for connecting anonymous and known data sets were clarified and executed. Hence, a long-term sustainable business environment was created.

Thanks to Labrys’ both systems integrator and marketing operation practices & capabilities, below results were achieved in no time.



The results of this kick-off were impressive:


Monthly revenue has increased by 37% in average.

Active users have increased by 58% in average.

Monthly game plays have increased by 81% in average.

7 different channels were used (Google, YouTube, Viber, FB, Partners, Email, SMS)

6 different channels were used (DMP, Responsys, GTM, FB BM, Google Ads, Analytics)

Audiences performed 28% better with respect to previous campaigns.

When all costs are taken into account, ROI for this investment is now at the level of 1000%




Lutrija will continue this journey with new investments in the strategic roadmap designed by Labrys during the initial phases of the collaboration. Next step would be to initiate testing and personalization capabilities with Oracle Maxymiser.

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