7 Things to Consider Before Investing to Data Management Platform

7 Things to Consider Before Investing to Data Management Platform

It is absolutely exciting to invest new AdTech/MarTech suite! Probably this is the sign of your digital media investment, visitor count and your team is mature enough to handle this. Although it’s exciting, there are lots of things to be considered. In this article, we have sorted out the most important topics before investing in a DMP solution.

  1. Quantity/Quality of the Data

    DMP is not a solution for companies with a low number of visitors for sure. The approach of DMP is not classifying the individuals. The audience is the term that DMP’s working principle. On the other hand, it is also important that the digital footprint of the users must have a rich content. As an example, if a user interacts with your website (product page visit, applying filters, reading contents, etc.) quite a lot, your playground would be wider. Also consider that, the data you would like to collect should be related with your marketing scenarios.

  2. Cookie Apocalypse & Anonymous/Registered Users

    In terms of data lifespan, anonymous & known user count as well as number of logins, form fill-outs and all other personally identified engagement is very decisive. In near future, 3rd party cookies will be blocked by major web browsers by default. This will make it harder to target anonymous users across the web. Companies like publishers which has mostly anonymous visitors will be affected more than any others.

  3. Integration Capabilities

    We can divide into four main environments which we can scoop data; websites, mobile apps, offline data sources like CRM, etc. & media engagements. These four has different approach & methodology while connecting with DMP. Before investing, it is better to question your IT capabilities. You must be agile enough to keep up with demands. In the meantime, if your data points haven’t been standardized/normalized you have put much more effort for succeed. Even this will not help, most probably your attempt will be failed.

  4. ID Management

    A user has multiple IDs in the digital ecosystem such as DMP ID, e-mail address, mobile number, CRM ID, mobile ad ID, etc. This fact is crucial because in the end your system & DMP needs to match those ID together for making long-lasting & healthy user data. You need to manage the relational database in the right way before starting the implementation.

  5. 3rd Party Data Availability

    Let’s describe the data ownership types before we move on;
    – 1st party: The data that you own & collected directly from your environments
    – 2nd party: Your partner’s data which you have an agreement to use
    – 3rd party: The data being sold in marketplaces by data providers

    Almost all of the DMPs have a marketplace which contains 3rd party data from different data sources. If you are planning to use 3rd party data you should decide which type of data (demographic, interest, financial, etc) you need to purchase. We are advising you to check available data & users count in your region before making any decision.

  6. ROI

    The most important expectation… Even if you did everything right & choose the right DMP solution that doesn’t mean you will benefit from that. DMPs are platforms where your digital ads ecosystem and your AdTech & MarTech stack must be in a swift engagement and hence your marketing technology world must be planned and managed smoothly in order to get sound returns from this investment.

  7. Data Layer Configuration

    Properly classified & standardized data points would provide easier integration with DMP along with the other AdTech/MarTech solutions. If we imagine the solutions that you use in your marketing efforts as a skyscraper, “Data Layer” would be the baseline. We can sort the fundamentals of this configuration stages as discovery, classification, normalization & analysis phases.

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