Not All CDPs Are The Same!

Not All CDPs Are The Same!

Nowadays, all platforms, old or new, tend to name themselves as a “CDP – Customer Data Platform”. Unfortunately, this creates a mess in all business & IT peoples’ minds.

Here’s what a CDP shall really solve for a business / brand. One should question all these domains when selecting a vendor:


Demise of 3rd party #cookies are here.

A true CDP shall have solutions to get you ready for this. No one would be able to rely on other peoples’ identifiers anymore. You’ll need to setup your own identity management and ID Graph to overcome this chaos.


Manage #ID chaos with proper #IDResolution.

A true CDP shall enable you to manage an ID pool seamlessly and effectively. When you succeed in this, you’d be able to orchestrate all your channel communications and get true insights, reach out to your audiences with relevant content in a relevant channel, either digital or offline store or your contact center, etc.


Personalize #customerexperience

Once you’ll be able to unify & track customer behavior, next game-changer action is to #personalize customer experience in all available channels. This can be either your e-commerce site or your media campaign, or even your shop floor. Only hyper-personalization may get you salient in perceptual realities and brand consideration sets of consumers.


Forming & streaming audiences to all communication #channels

One of the main capabilities of a CDP you shall be looking for is its connectivity. Would you be able to form & stream (near real-time) audiences both to your media partners, as well as your shop floor & contact center and get insights on actions taken? A single channel is not enough, customer experience is a total reality.


Collect and enrich #data , both known and #anonymous #digital #signals

Be flexible in how you collect data. Include tools to properly ingest data, possibly ETLs, connect multiple data sources and enrich what you have at hand with both anonymous behavioral signals and hard fact demographics as well as transactions, regardless of channels.


Get detailed and enriched #insights

You may not want to admit but your existing analytics results cannot measure Safari & Firefox users’ digital behaviors. This has at least a 20% negative implication on your campaign results, as their market share is as such. On top of this, audience performance insights across channels are a very important aspect that most marketers tend to ignore as until today there were limited availability of solutions who may bring this into reality.


Create a real single customer truth

Finally… Until today, most marketers & IT professionals thought CRM technology was the answer to this. But we all know that anonymous signals and their respective data is much more than this known data sets. Thanks to CDPs, you can be able to unify all customer truth that resides in multiple databases in a company in one & accessible place for businesspeople to start using it efficiently.


Join me in discussing how to address these issues and click here to set up a meeting if you need to.

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